Evil Overlord

Umbran is one of the Seven lieutenants of Hectocapitus.


Like all Gehennians, Umbran is a giant black dragon.


Umbran's main task is to coordinate spy and assassination efforts against Hectocapitus' enemies. He sometimes commands small fleets, and on occasion he is sent to capture fugitives.


Umbran is secretive and manipulative, rarely showing any emotion unless he wants to. He has been involved in many plots against the other Seven, for he wants to be Hectocapitus' second in command.

However, it may be possible that he is at least partially a genetic throwback from the days when all Veiled Ones had both negative and positive emotions. This is suggested by his feelings towards Death's Shadow (see below) and his affection for his daughter Slitherfang.

Death's ShadowEdit

Umbran was the mate of Death's Shadow at one point. However, their relationship was ended by Hectocapitus, who feared that they would produce a child greater than he. This fear was well-founded, as Death's Shadow gave birth to Blazewing.


Umbran has fathered several children parthenogenically, the most notable of which are Slitherfang and formerly Dreadhiss.

He also fathered Blazewing with Death's Shadow, although this is kept a closely-guarded secret.

In FictionEdit

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