Ultima is a criminal "organization" found on Skrap.


The members of Ultima typically gather every now and then to share stories of conquests, trade items, and gamble. When not meeting, they often sell goods to prospective buyers or just steal them from others.

They like to think of themselves as "the government" of Skrap.


Many of the infamous criminals and pirates in the Viperius Galaxy are or were part of Ultima.


Notable examples include:

  • Kakkay, an Atrenid who sells dangerous animals to customers
  • Rune, an old Arbotile pirate who often directs conflicts
  • Jiro Jiro, a Salsene arsonist, murderer and rapist. Infamous for killing 30 orphans and beating Seff at a card game.



Ultima was founded in 3.999(.962) AM on Skrap, shortly after the founding of a large pirate gang. Since then, members have led historic boardings and pillagings, as well as conducting business on their home planet.

In FictionEdit

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