The Ulanine are a type of carnivorous, arboreal sapient from the planet Raishar in the Septir galaxy. Their galaxy is recovering from an invasion by an inter-galaxy sapient, who happened to be those who were razed to the ground by the Hegan.

An Ulanine. Note the double-clawed front limbs and the long feet of the back limbs.


Ulanines have mid-sized snouts, good for clamping on to small tree-dwelling animals. Their front limbs are split in two on the last joint and these two sections can form an opposable hand or a ring to clamp on to branches. The talons are able to pierce a Salsene's skull. Their back legs are best at jumping to other branches, and their tails can help support them as they clamber down to lower branches. They are very muscular. They subsist near-entirely on meat, and use various cooked insects as spices (poisons, when cooked, turn into safer molecules that add to taste).


The Ulanine evolved as their grassland homes were replaced by dense forest. Their predatory front appendages modified into graspers for climbing and manipulating, and in 10 million years, they were another species in the canopy. In this time, they evolved sapience.

They developed space travel after they were uplifted by another species, desperately trying to hold off the Defeat (the attack by the intergalactic sapient). They failed miserably.

Before the Ulanine could be wiped from existance, though, the Hegan blasted the enemy to pieces. They helped the sapients of Septir, including the Ulanine, to recover from the attack until the galaxy was healthy enough for the galactic community to grow back.

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