A computer scan of a kind of Uctamel.

Uctamel are a kind of Hecbir native to Voricia. They are by far the most common of the Hecbir species.


Uctamel have three legs, each with 6 spiracles. This gives a total of 18 spiracles, each of which is heavily filtered, as they need to survive through intense sandstorms. They also have 3 seperate bases, each with 1 large feeding tube, allowing them to drink or eat very quickly. Combined with a high metabolism allows them to nearly instantaneously digest nutrients, so they can stay on the move for several days.

They have some of the least advanced sensory systems of the Hecbir group, only able to sense water and food nearby. They do this with a semi-circular organ on top of their head, where there can be 1-3 of.

The only noticable advantage that the Uctamel have over other Hecbir is the fact that it has two stomachs, one for water, and another that can take more nutrients out of food, allowing it to gain more energy per each gram of food.


Uctamel are not intelligent, and only can preform basic functions. Their brains are extremely small, and only have the capacity of a small lizard. They are solitary, and dwell in caves for the hotter hours of the day, and exit and sunset, when they feed. They also come out during the eclipses with Rovaria.

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