Made by the UGA in response to the question asked by both media and the public. What will the UGA do when an alien species attacks us and wins...

The Shifter is controlled by a smart A.I. who is capable of thinking at the speed of light to gain an advantage on its enemies. The name Shifter was chosen for its ability to change appearance. When deactivated it has the form of a cube(8 meter by 8 meter).

The Shifter has never been used yet but expectations are high after a virtual test where the enemy had a superiour technological advantage. They also noticed its weak spot, huge AOE(Area Of Effect)weapons for these are hard to avoid(especially when fired from above).

The Shifter has been classified under the Norioth-class for its excellent performances.


The Shifter scavanges the battlefield for new weapons and parts(if broken). It makes a balance between its needs and size(otherwise the Shifter would be even easier to hit).

The standard mounted weapons include:

  • Railguns
  • Miniguns
  • Rocket launchers
  • Flamethrowers
  • Plasma-burner
  • Energ-Blaster(Energy based weapon electrocutating objects, has a great EMP effect)
  • Artificial void generator(shoots a small black-hole wich lasts about 10 seconds)

Known Shifter A.I.sEdit

  • Yrith
  • Hulak
  • Wonigam
  • Fryhan
  • Dfilk
  • Quasiwan
  • Anathom
  • Larkmo

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