40-50 ft.




Wastelands, Deserts



Tzykka (tzee-kuh) are enormous, mastodon-sized lithotrophs native to Charon.

They are viewed as sacred prey by Charonites, who hunt them by driving them off of cliffs. They use their tusks and bones in the construction of huts and other dwellings. Their quills are used as poisonous throwing spears, their hides made into leather armor and shields. One tzykka can feed an entire tribe for many days.


Tzykka are essentially walking battering rams. The front of their skull is covered in plates; these plates are actually teeth modified through evolution. Two huge tusks jut from either side of the modified jaw, serving as offensive weapons. Behind and surrounding the skull are tufts of poisonous quills, likely to protect them from aerial predators. Tzykka can see into the infrared spectrum, can hear, and are also electrosensitive (though not so much as other organisms).

On the creatures' underside are four feeding tubes. When eating, the creature will lower itself to the ground and submerge the tubes in the loose, sandy soil of the deserts and wastelands; the tubes will then pump the soil into the creatures stomach. Feeding can last hours.


Tzykka travel in large herds of up to 50 individuals. This is both for protection and because of their social behavior. Related individuals will typically stay near each other within the herd. Bulls will stay towards the outer edges of the herd, with older females between them and the calfs. Bulls fight with one another for the right to mate. Tzykka give birth to live young.

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