Tyrelings are a race of reptiles from the Viperius Galaxy. They were sold starships from the Salsenes, and they now populate many planets in the Galaxy.



Tyrelings are tall and thin humanoids, adapted for easy movement in the treetops. They are dark green, and have yellow neck frills that they display when they are in stress. The average Tyreling can grow to be 12 feet tall.

Regenerative AbilityEdit

Tyrelings are capable of regrowing lost limbs, although this can take quite a while. It often takes up to a year for arms to regrow, although they can regenerate fingers in a matter of weeks.


Tyrelings reproduce their cells much more sustainably than many other species, and thus can have substantially longer lifespans, often living up to 400 years old.


Tyrelings are sapient, although they have only been so for about a few thousand years.


Tyrelings exist in a series of tribes, each led by a warlord. The warlord is so named because he only rules during wartime; the rest of the time, the tribe is governed by a democratic council. Because of this, warlords attempt to keep the tribe at war for as much time as possible. Tribes rarely exceed twenty individuals, and inter-tribal marriage occurs frequently.


Tyreling culture is centered around taking care of family and the community. Abandoning one's family or deserting one's military is considered a grievous offense.

Crime and PunishmentEdit

Criminals are either exiled or killed, depending on the severity of the crime. Execution is generally carried out by pelting the criminal with stones.


The Tyrelings have been sapient for a very short time, and thus do not have a long history. Recently, the Salsenes gave some tribes starships in exchange for mercenary service and mineral rights for their planet.

Relations with Other RacesEdit

The Tyrelings have been introcued to many of Emenata's species. They are often used as mercenaries by them.

  • Salsenes: the Salsenes and the Tyrelings often trade, and generally get along well.
  • Zyrothans: they have a trade agreement with this race.
  • Aians: the Tyrelings revere this race, and some tribes believe that they are gods. To their dismay, the Aians refuse to attend religous ceremonies.

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