Tykrans are a type of gigantic cykronic warbeast created by Ravana. Only half a dozen exist at the current time.


Tykrans were created from the body of a winged Titan, affixed with the claws and enlarged head of a Varuna. They are equipped with a plasma beam inside their mouth, although it is weaker than that of a standard Gehennian.

Tykrans also have powerful weapons such as Rending, Lucifer, and on one individual Conflagration Cannons mounted on their arms.

Psychology and BehaviorEdit

Although they have Varuna heads, the original Titan brain is introduced into the skull. An unexpected outcome is that Tykrans are very angry warbeasts. They respond only to Gehennians or Riders.


Tykrans were created by Ravana in Swarga Loka. They were built for the mission to claim Cthire's ship Nemesis.

In FictionEdit

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