Turnus Blaire is an elderly Salsene currently residing on Centro.


Turnus is a short, elderly Salsene, with lazy eyes and fragile bones. His skin is extremely dark and wrinkled from aging, and he bears a massive scar on his shoulder due to a demon snapper attack while on Skrap. His clothing is made from fine silk, and is extremely high quality.


Turnus is a cool, friendly individual, and he often donates to poor beings on the streets of Centro. However, he will defend his friends ferociously, often beating those who threaten or bully them using his infamous cane.

Sometimes, he will stare at plants or walls for tens of minutes on end, probably because of his partial blindness.


Turnus was born on Skrap many decades ago. He was an orphan, and often bullied by malevolent individuals. His childhood was generally depressing, and Turnus sometimes considered suicide.

During his teenage years, he was attacked by a demon snapper, which left a massive scar on his back, that still exists today. Soon after, he left Skrap and went to Centro, where he lived most of his young adult life as a farmer. After 10 more years, his farm was bought by Lairo Cando and turned into a mansion.

Turnus has never forgiven Lairo for that since. He then lived as an artist. As he became more elderly over the decades, he decided to retire. However, he is friends with many individuals young and old.

A few years ago, a criminal Zyrothan on Centro attempted to kill his best friend, a Xodu named Fratyos. Turnus responded by knocking him out with his cane, and the Zyrothan was soon arrested by justice.

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