Fruits, nuts, and occasionaly meat.


Up to 8 feet tall.




Highly advanced.



The Tuoco are a race of sapient avians native to the planet Nevermore in the Xion universe. They have advanced technology.


The Tuoco appear as tall, menacing bird shapes. They can grow up to eight feet tall, and have a large beak similar to that of a toucan, except grey.

Tuoco walk upright, and use their dextrous wing tips to manipulate objects.


Tuoco eat fruits, nuts, and occasionaly meat. Meat is normaly reserved for formal occasions such as celebrations.


Some Tuoco are born with the ability to manipulate xi. These are ushered into a secret order, where most are never heard of again. It is feared that they are trained in xi warfare, and will someday be used to lauch an invasion of Xion.

Tuoco mneumonics often take the form of strange clicking and occasionaly dancing.



The Tuoco believe themselves to be the perfect race; they hold that their survival through multiple wars and mass extinctions testifies to this. Their concept of morals is somewhat hazy and abstract, and it remains unclear as to how far the Tuoco are willing to go to achieve their goals.

They are currently ruled by a dictator named Croak.


The Tuoco have highly advanced technology, which has developed over several thousand years. They explore the Xion universe in huge ships capable of FTL travel. These ships are armed with sophisticated weaponry, such as laser beams, force fields, and Vril Bombs.


Once, the Tuoco were much more benign, and held peaceful contact with the Charonites and the Veiled Ones. However, after the Julth War, they withdrew back to Nevermore, highly xenophobic.

This went on for a few centuries, before a series of wars, plagues and other natural disasters forced them to re-colonize the universe.

They now rule an inter-stellar empire, conquering races with inferior technology and putting them into slavery.

In FictionEdit

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