An image of a tuatereh.

The tuareteh is the most common subterranean herbivore of the creed-plains. They are are around the size of a terran deer, and live in shoals of around 70. They have a comparitively thicker and more muscular tail than the larger apodotheres, due to the fact it has less size to shove dirt away.


Tuaretehs are herbivorous apodotheres that communicate through quiet gurgles. These are detected in the 'beard', which is an area below the jaw that is covered with sensory hairs. They are quite stocky, and have a relatively tiny skull. Their jaws are comparitively larger and deeper than a rihglid's, and they have smoother exoskeletons. They are quite unremarkable in most other respects, for an apodothere. They are the main prey of robekas.


Tuaretehs live in large shoals, usually around 70 members strong. Much larger shoals have been discovered, the largest one having nearly 200 members. If they are attacked by a predator, they will converge, dive, flee, and disperse when they need to breathe. This tactic means that aerial predators (such as the alhturel) have a moving wall of exoskeleton and then nothing at all apart from a pile of dirt, and subterranean predators will have the prey far apart when they probably need to breathe. They mate whenever herds meet, which results in very large amounts of eggs from each female, as this doesn't happen too often.

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