A Tthhyus.

The Tthhyus are a sapient species living in Viperius Galaxy. They do not live on planets, only space stations.


The Tthhyus are thick and sausage-like, with thousands of tiny limbs on their stomachs and a pair of large, thick arms in place of ears. These limbs resemble the bristles on a toothbrush, but are made from keratin. The head has 4 antennae, and no eyes, nose or ears. Their mouths are basically a long, thin beak used to filter microorganisms from water. Despite the blindness, they have an organ on their head which can detect light, and faint shapes.

Several large spikes stick out from the sides on the back of their body, and these contain a poison which can cause massive pain, but is rarely fatal. The effects wear off after a few hours. The coloration is generally a bright blue, with a tint of pink.


Tthhyus are usually rather docile, but incredibly aggressive if angered. Since they are (color) blind and deaf, they entertain themselves and each other by rubbing their antennae against a surface of their choice. The most popular are rough surfaces, with soft surfaces being the least. They communicate using their sense of touch.


Tthhyus live in space stations, which contain gigantic tanks of water with various tiny animals, plants and microbes that are used for food and oxygen. They used to live on their homeworld, but a massive asteroid impact rendered the planet uninhabitable.

Weapons come in the form of advanced ballistas that can shoot various types of ammo, such as poisoned arrows, penetrative arrows, explosive arrows and scent arrows.

Ships mostly consist of small, cylindrical transport ships which resemble pencils. The ships usually have small cannons for defense. These ships have FTL speed.

A few ships have been designed specifically for battle. These are controlled by one Tthhyus, and are usually armed with small railguns.

Relations with other sapientsEdit

Froziari: The Tthhyus are at peace with the Froziari. Relation = Peace.

Buru: The Tthhyus and Buru are at peace, although they were originally at war. Relation = Peace.

Jogorian: The Jogorians and Tthhyus have been loyal trade allies ever since their first contact. Relation = Peace.

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