Trotus, Destroyer of Worlds






Destroyer of Worlds (self-proclaimed)

Trotus is a mad Salsene who currently resides in the Vesania universe. He has been extremely mutated, and his mind is deranged beyond repair.


Trotus is pitch black in color (the result of a mutation that caused an overproduction of pigments). His blood is now radioactive, glowing a bright red color. The only reason he is still alive is that the mutation also gave him rapid healing powers. He can now survive almost anything short of decapitation, or having his body destroyed.


Trotus is absolutely insane, an effect of his time in Vesania. He speaks to himself constantly, justifying the many atrocities he has commited over the years.


When he came to Vesania, he landed on a planet populated by an alien race known as the Lunars. They began to serve him, for reasons known only to them. Trotus is now the captain of a powerful ship called the Danger.


Trotus was once a captain working for the Salsene Grand Fleet. However, his ship was pulled through a wormhole, which took him to Vesania.

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