The continent of Tropica

Tropica is one of the three continents on Dragovia. The others are Frostia and Vulcas.

Geographical FeaturesEdit

Tropica consists of tropical forests and beaches, each with its own diverse set of wildlife. Exact measurements have never been taken, but it appears to be the largest continent and certainly has the most different species living on it. The actual shape of Tropica resembles a 'C'. How it acquired this shape is a mystery.


Part of a forest on Tropica

The forests consist mainly of conifers and ferns, but on the fringes you may find palm trees as well. The beaches are fine, white sand, and there is the occasional rocky section. Overall, Tropica also has the widest range of habitats.


Exactly why only tropical forests grew on this continent is yet to be discovered. There haven't really been any big events in Tropica's history.

Recently, the Salsenes have set up a medium-sized colony on this world. The colony is home to three hundred Salsenes, and is protected by an orbital space station.


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