A Trimch clad in a battle-suit.(notice the small stripe-originating from one of its weapons-between his thumb and his index finger)

The Trimch are a species, native to the planet Bokcham, wich we do not know much about. They mostly live in their suits all of their life. They are one of the militairy leaders of the Klutsi Alliance.


Trimch haven't been spotted yet without suits(for they live underground. Therefore we can only speculate their physiology by the looks of their suits). Therefore we know nothing about the features of eyes, ears, nose, etc. Being 2,9 metre, from feet to head, they rise above most species(especially lesser ones)giving them a intimidating aura. They(appear to)have 4 fingers(with the index-finger missing)and have on their suits some device linked to them to send electrical charges(they can also use them to cut through materials). Their legs are quite thick(being 0,6 metre width)and have a firm grip on the ground(trying to unbalance them is quite hard). The amount of toes is unknown. The upper part of their body is quite large and is presumed to contain many vital organs. Their back is reinforced with a second spine(connected to their suits).


Spotting a Trimch with both flesh and vegetables betrayed their omnivorus life style.

Intelligence and SocietyEdit

Trimch are the Scientific role of the Klutsi Alliance betraying they have a high level of intelligence(or the other members are dumber).


They speak a common tongue between members of the Klutsi Alliance. But we have reasons enough to believe they speak their own language through close-connection channels with their kin. Their main language has never been heard by others then themselves.








They wear a battle suit protecting them from many dangers and allowing them to fly through space themselves(only for 'short distances'=the-closest-distance between the Earth and the moon halved by 3).




X- Intergalactic, this species has explored multiple galaxies(Same as the Abominations, they are of a higher technological class then they act).

Militairy DoctrineEdit

Their military units are the Trimch encountered with battle suits(meaning ALL of the encountered specimens).


Unknown, the Klutsi Alliance database does not contain files of them.

Relations with other racesEdit

Notable individualsEdit


In FictionEdit


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