Tree behemoths are large climbing predators native to Thanatos.


A tree behemoth resembles a Terran gorgonopsid. However, their feet have sticky pads on the underside, allowing them to climb the huge trees that cover the skies of Thanatos. They also have keratin spikes along their backs, and have 1 meter long tusks coming out from the lower jaw, which have fine serrations on the top and bottom, as well as the sides. Tree behemoths are 40 feet long and 5 tons, and the reason they can climb is because most trees on Thanatos are gigantic, often covering the skies with their branches. This means that the trees can support the tree behemoth's size and weight.


Tree behemoths eat virtually anything that is smaller than themselves, and even some prey that is larger than themselves. Tree behemoths are very dangerous and should never be approached. Trying to pet one is a suicide mission.

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