Toyfish are a type of pet invertebrate from Centro. They are often sold in toy and pet stores, and are extremely popular amongst children of various sapient species.


Toyfish are small freshwater invertebrates, and resemble the Terran trilobite Elrathia. They are about 5 centimeters long when fully grown. The young feed on bacteria and other microbes, scooping them up using their mouthparts. Adults eat decomposing matter.

Life cycleEdit

Toyfish are born from eggs. These eggs are put in water, and hatch within 24 hours once put in there. They take about 50 days to grow up, and once adults, live for another 100 days. They die after mating and laying their eggs a certain amount of times, usually 90-100 times.


Toyfish thrive in cold water, and are therefore easy to keep. The bacteria the juveniles feed on comes with the creatures, as well as a 3 gallon tank to put them in. An average of 10 eggs are in each package, also coming with sediment which is also put in the tank.

Since they lay eggs in water, the tanks can get filled with toyfish rather quickly, so the excess toyfish must either be killed or put in a different tank.


Toyfish are based on Terran Triops and sea monkey kits.

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