Tomus spider
Tomus spiders are deadly spiders native to Swamp Island, on Saaristo.


They have two-segmented body, and the head is a third segment on top of the first. As such, it bears a mysterious resemblance to the Kantahymz. It has a dark blue, swirly colouration which it uses to camouflage itself on the forest floor. It grows to 70cm long.

Tomus spider2
On its rear segment are two backward-pointing spikes. These spit venom which is deadly if it comes into contact with the victim. The spikes are red to warn of their danger.

Like other spiders, it has eight legs, four on each segment, and eight eyes. One, main pair are slightly larger than the other eyes, which are set further back along the head.

It has sharp teeth for tearing the flesh or exoskeleton of smaller prey it catches.


They are solitary hunters, and even have the means to reproduce alone, their bodies being able to produce sperm and eggs, which meet in a chamber near the spider's rear. They lay eggs in clutches of two to three, and become ready to lay every few months. Eggs are laid, hidden and abandoned.

These creatures are very territorial, and will kill other Tomus' who invade their hunting ground. They often mark hunting grounds by spraying venom; it gives off a distinctive smell.

Diet and HuntingEdit

They are carnivorous, feeding on smaller insects, mammals and arachnids, as well as eggs as sometimes, when possible, young Lanx Monkeys.

They hunt by sensing prey via vibration, and then squirt it with venom. Then, over a period of up to 24 hours, the venom eats through scales, skin, flesh, organs and finally bone, but only over the area it sprayed the victim. The rest of the body is left intact, for the spider to eat. The venom is not treatable, and can even eat through armour.


They live on ground level on Swamp Island, meaning they are potential prey for Venenodon, but this rarely happens as they are so small in comparison.

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