Tkragan (Tak-ray-gahn) is a class SDB world, second in the Khargg system. It has recently been terraformed, as the star in the system is expanding and warming the planet.

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

A large, icy world, Tkragan currently is not a good candidate for life.


Tkragan has a radius of 2.01 times earth, and a mass of 4.4 times it. It is mainly iron based, and has a small core of iron and titanium. Its mantle is heavy, being mainly iron, and takes up most of its interior. On its surface there is a thick crust of iron and silicate rocks.


Tkragan has a slightly elliptical orbit that takes about 107 days to orbit. It is habitable because Khargg is now a red giant and is losing heat. Its orbit is slowly going towards Khargg (about 12 miles per decade), but is not significant enough to collide.


Being a mainly iron planet, Tkragan is rather heavy. It has a reactivated core (Gorkhan technology allows this) which was melted and shot through with electromagnetic pulsers to create columns for the magnetic field. This was caused by the '400 year plan,' where the Gorkhan set a crash course to save their home system. Its recently added atmosphere is 68% nitrogen, 16% carbon dioxide, 6% water vapor, 5% oxygen, 3% methane, around .5% argon, and 1.5% other gases.


A rocky, cold world, Tkragan is covered with large boulders and ice fields. It's vegetation is mainly tough, green plants which are built to live in the cold and absorb nutrients from freezing soil and boulders. Since it has very little habitable dirt, Gorkhan have been placing subterrainian heaters to warm up permafrost and raise the global temperature.

There are very little cities on Tkragan, most of which only have a population of a thousand. These are expanding, however, and will inhabit large numbers of Gorkhan by the end of the Four Hundred Year Plan.

Life and HabitabilityEdit

Life is fairly simple on Tkragan so far, and is barely habitable. Life here include small, rough plants, some bacteria, and insulated, warm-blooded animals.These animals have a layer of building insulation-type fur packed inside of a thick exoskeleton to protect from dangers. However, most of these are classified, and are kept in top-secret facilities and reserves.

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