Private Tikhlom, did I give you permission to bitch!!?

- All of Tikhlom's superios

Tikhlom is a male Twik-Twikh serving in the Twikhii Marine Forces.


Tikhlom was born and raised on the colony Werthy. When he turned 19 the Volt Conflict took it's toll on his city as it was bombarded by a Vultur Alliance fleet that dropped out of LS near the planet disabling the present defensive fleets to react in time. His parents and friends died during the bombardment and when he reached the age of 20 he joined the TWF. After 5 years of serving in the military he was assigned on a secret mission to gather intel on the Rulers and was one of the first Twik-Twikhs who encountered a Qwatko.

After the mission he was promoted to Corporal and was reasigned to protect that which he loves most, Werthy. Now he lives his life as the SIC of the defences of the city Tukhjan.

During his service he was a common target for officers, in every report of these occasions it was mentioned that he gave a 'stupid comment' on something.


  • The quote is from Halo 2 (mission metropolis, when the scarab destroyed the scorpion)

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