Tigrid Scavengers are a type of Tigrids from Cthonia.
Tigrid scavenger

A Scavenger


These tigrids are 50cm long, and approximately 20cm tall at the front shoulder.

They have less well developed mouths than Hunters, as they do not have to do as much biting to break the prey's shell and bones.

Their tail is very long, and this extension to the digestive system allows more nutrients to be gained from food. Like all tigrids, the anus is at the end of the tail.

Their eyesight is bad for Tigrids, though the chemoreception is better. Their receptors and proprtionally larger.


Scavengers eat carrion, fanisid stromatolites, and fanisid shrooms. They rarely attack Kineks.

Life CycleEdit

Scavengers usually travel in groups of three to eight, usually unrelated. When groups meet, individuals are often swapped.

In the mating season, the individuals within the group mate, the strongest male with the strongest female and then the next strongest paired, and so on. Bouts of 'wrestling' occur as tests. It is usual for at least one individual to not mate.

Gestation takes seven weeks. Eggs are laid below trees, and are cared for by the entire group.

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