The Tigrid is a land carnivore from the planet Cthonia, in the Eternia system.
Tigrid First Labelled by Holbenilord
The Hunters are the largest type of Tigrid.


A hexapod, the Tigrid has six thick and clawed, erect limbs. The first two have long, scythe-like claws, used to take down prey. Due to the higher gravity, dense muscles are present within the limbs, enabling rapid and powerful movement. The creature has a carbonate, segmented shell that makes in extremely durable over its body. It also has a long, thick tail ending in the creature's anus. Remnants of cilia are present on the creature's underside.

This Tigrid is about 60cm long, of which 20cm is the tail. At the shoulder, it stands up to 32cm high.

The head is wide and long, with two chemoreceptors hanging from the neck. The eyes are similiar to those of mammals, except without an iris. Their vision also goes into the near-infrared. Two well developed maxillipeds are on each side of the mouth, which contains many shearing teeth.

Fins are present on the back, rich in blood vessels. They are for display.

The creature has tiger-like stripes down its side, to disguise within the clubtree-forests.


Tigrids are exclusively carnivores, living off the Kineks of the coastal forests. They have also been recorded to eat Kivens and washed-up Anikens.

Intelligence and BehaviourEdit

Tigrid Hunters are reasonably intelligent, able to create ambushes and adapt quickly to new information about their environment.

They also often chase prey in directions that will slow them down.

They are Lethality Class VI.


These Tigrids live in all swamp forests around the main Cthonian continent. They range long distances to find prey and to find mates.

Life CycleEdit

Once a Cthonian year, Tigrids gather together around the planet to compete for mates. Fights usually occur, and many males are injured in these bouts. Males who win are able to pick the best spot for display.

Females will choose the males with the brightest fins and the greatest success in fighting, and often a single male will mate with a dozen females. Males have a penis underneath the anus, which is inserted into a pouch in the female's anus. The flagellate sperm is released without much force, and has to swim around three centimetres into the female's ovaries. Gestation is three months long.

Tigrids, like all current Cthonian land animals, lay eggs. They are laid in clutches of two to five, and cared for by the mother, with the male bringing food to the female as she guards them. Tigrids take eight standard years to mature.

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