Combers are a type of Tigrid from Cthonia.
Tigrid comber

Tigrid Comber


Combers are the smallest Tigrids, at 45cm long.

Their mouths are larger relative to their heads, and their maxillipeds shorter. Their body is closer to the ground, and the tail of medium length. Their camouflage is weakly impressed on their backs.

They have weaker vision than Hunters, but stronger chemoreception.


Combers eat mainly carrion, but eat fanisid stromatolites too. They only come out at night, so do not compete with the scavengers.


Unlike the other tigrids, Combers only live on beaches.

Life CycleEdit

Combers live alone, and conflict often occurs when two meet. However, during the breeding season, the male will impregnate as many females as possible, actively searching them out. Males often range many miles at this time.

Gestation takes two months, and eggs are in clutches of three to five.

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