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The Thregdh overlooking some of their ships from one of their space stations.

The Thregdh are a humanoid species of bipedal mammals. Their origin is unknown (speculated to be in the Viperius Galaxy System).


Not much is known aside that their war with the Andavrons started in 3.392.999 -- AM.


Their real appearance is unknown as none has been encountered without it's battleskin yet. What is known is that they are 3,9m tall creatures with 6 fingered hands.

Military doctrineEdit


Main article: Thregdh Weaponry

The Thregdh make use of energy based weaponry, their guns can easily be taken apart, this allows them to store these in great numbers and hide them with ease.


Main article: Thregdh Spaceship

The Thregdh spaceships are long vessels covered with many cannons and other weaponry.

Intelligence and SocietyEdit

They are very intelligent, tactical minded and seem to be fearless.

They live in a monarchy ruled by a queen, with the current queen being Hyliana Xenzoa.


Unknown although the Andavron think they are class X.

Relation to other speciesEdit

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