Thor, in the upper atmosphere of Duisternis

Thor is a 11 km-long Krijgvolk Battleship, currently entrusted into the hands of Hjaal Thor Verrak. It is known as a 'secondary flagship' to the Krijgvolk Stellar Forces. Therefore it is the second most poweful ship in the fleet, following the Vengeance.


Thor is the second largest Battleship in existance, at 11 km long. It is made out of warsteel, and features several Kwakkokel mass drivers.

Thor is armed with 45 Kwakkogel, 10 hydrogen fusion missile launchers, and a total of 250 broadside laser cannons. It also is armed with several bombs, including Teller-Ulam design weaponry for atmospheric and orbital bombardment. Around 4000 Krijgvolk stay as a stationary crew on the ship, and the bay of the ship holds a fighter for recon missions. There are also 300 escape capsules.

Featuring a large crew, Thor also has a very large bridge and control function center. There are no windows, but microcameras on the side which project images onto screens inside of the bridge. There is also a large communications room, boosted by relays at the back of the ship, almost a kilometer long. In the front of the ship, there is a mouth coming from the forward ejection. which houses the fighter.

Thor has a bottom shaped much like the bottom of a boat, but is far thinner. This houses a kinetic barrier projecter, however weak. At the back, there are fusion accelerators which can bring the ship up to .9c, very high for a battleship, and at high relativity. However, it usually cruises at .3 c. The back also has 4 Kwakkogel, and the bottom's sides house 12 in total.

The top of Thor is sleek, and built for atmospheric entry. This is where the lasers are housed, inside of hatches which open and display the lasers.

The ship has several fission reactors, but is powered mainly by two immense fusion toruses, each generating almost ten gigawatts. However, these can easily overload and explode, so they are only powered 20-40 times each year.


Thor is used for both recon and battle missions, and is usually seen at the front line. However, there is always a large number of fighters surrounding it, and has not seen any action lately. However, it is fitted with a basic hyperdrive which allows them to travel at nearly 900,000c, although periods are short due to unrefinement of hyperdrive technology.

Thor is also used as a luxury cruiseliner, where passengers can see the occasional destruction of an asteroid, since most Krijgvolk have a rather destructive nature. There are also several shrines to their gods on the ship, and also several training sessions to tone Krijgvolk.

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