Thirst is a planet in the Cloud of Tatra.


As the name suggests, Thirst is a hot, dry planet, covered in deserts. The temperature of the planet is normally 50 degrees Celsius, but at the equator it is twice as much. The poles, however, are only 41 degrees Celsius.

No liquid water exists at the equator, only vapor. At the poles, there are small lakes and thin rivers, and these are the only sizeable bodies of water on the planet. Elsewhere, water only exists as rain, or in tiny, stagnant ponds. Rainstorms only happen at the poles, and even then they happen only once every few centuries.

This planet once had oceans.

Overall, this planet is comparable to the Terran Atacama Desert. The reason why the planet is so hot is because the star it orbits is expanding. In about 100-200 million years, the planet will be too hot for complex life, with a total extinction of life in about a billion.

It's planetary class is TJE.


Very little life exists on this planet. No life exists at the equator, and the only lifeforms in the 'normal' parts of the planet are microbes, fungi and tiny arachnids. At the poles, life is more diverse. There, life exists in the form of microbes, fungi, lichens, algae, arachnids, insects and some reptiles.

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