The Thetan Collaboration is a massive Alliance cosisting of hundreds of races. The Mykarians conviced them to join the war effort, dispatching An entire fleet to their aid.


It is unknown when it was founded. It was sometime after the merge when an unknown and now extinct race, heavily damaged by the recent merge Joined forces with a nearby alien race to seek new planets. The Ships encountered other races who joined them. This countinued untill they had worlds in multiple universes.


They essentially attempt to establish a single set of laws with various subsets for different species ethics. Species refusing to join are assigned a threat level.

0: This race is passive, it is not part of the collaboration

1: Passive-agressive This species should be avoided

2: Agressive: this species has threatend the collaboration.

3: At war

Many species join, as long as they can incorparate their own laws. They must accept 3 basic laws in order to be eligable

1: Going to war with another species in the collaboration will result in eradication of the provoking species.

2: You will lend aid to allies during war in whatever way possible, be it ships, ammunition, or econmic support

3: All authorities will cooperate with the collaboration when asked

In the end they essentially act as a police force. If a race suffieceintly violates some of the higher laws they take it upon themselves to change or destroy the species even if they are not part of them.


The Order keeps an eye on them and they are aware of each other

The Hox Are a large influential race in the collaboration, and dispatched the fleet to mykarian aid.

Antaran Mykarians are also a large part of this, and many of the smaller species have adopted antaran as their religon.

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