UNCJSS Jotorapp

The UNCJSS Jotorap

The UNCJSS Jotorap was a Trama'Palic Class Exploration Vessel. It was commisioned in 149,890 and destroyed while attempting first contact in 149,903 in the Terrania System. Many questioned what the Jotorap was doing in the Terrania System, and to that the United Nations Council of Jogoria reported it as "Believing to have found a new colonizable planet to add in order to maintain a healthy population growth."

That answer to questions is debateable as it is believed by many that the government was secretly looking for a place to build a space labratory for testing on creating new "Super Soldiers." The government called this idea perposterous, and condemned it.

To this day, a memorial is held on the anniversary of the harvesting of the Jotorap in memory of the 206 crew members that lost their lives in an event that sparked the First Contact War that only in the last decade has ended.

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