The Tale of Kuru is a famous work of Salsene literature, written almost three hundred years ago. It is available in most bookstores in the Viperius Galaxy, even on backwater planets such as Skrap.

Plot SummaryEdit

Kuru, a young pickpocket, is adopted by a mysterious stranger by the name of Lobar. Lobar begins to teach Kuru about life in general, revealing an ancient and sage wisdom. However, Lobar is killed by a band of brigands, and Kuru is beaten senseless and almost killed. He then attempts to track down Lobar's killers, meeting a number of desperate souls on his way. He finally concludes that he should spend his life not looking for revenge, but by helping the lives of the less fortunate. He gets married, and lives happily ever after.


The book has been criticized by many modern critics for its unrealistic view of life. The novel's detractors maintain that first of all, Lobar should have killed Kuru for trying to snatch his wallet, and second of all, the brigands should have either killed Kuru or should him into slavery. And third, if Kuru had somehow survived the first two factors, he should have attempted to gain revenge on them only to be killed when he reached them. Many aliens such as Skarg and Zyrothans agree with these detractions, and very few bother to read the book.


Despite its critics, the book has many devoted fans, and as such many editions of the novel are available galaxy-wide. It is required reading in most Salsene schools.

It is rumored that Aian collectors may have brought the book back to the Asiva Galaxy, where many continue to read the book for the purpose of studying Salsene culture and history. These rumors remain unconfirmed.

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