Star Book

The front cover of the Star Book (Church of Muuri edition)

Introduction and TestimoniesEdit

The Star Book is the Jogorian equivilance to the Holy Bible. It accounts for prophets and their prophecies about the return of the Star Gods and the events that would unfold after their return. It also accounts for how Jogorians should live in order to be worthy of the Star Gods' presence as well as foretelling the buildup to a massive war that may end the galaxy. There are 15 chapters, each written by a different prophet.

The following passage is a testimony of all 15 prophets when brought together by a Star God that what they teach is the sole truth.

And so it came to pass that I, the Prophet Ivara'Shlak of the city Itari, have joined with fourteen other prophets from various lands across the globe under the guiding hands of a Star God in the flesh to testify that what we speak is the truth and what we have written is the truth and what we show our bretheren is the truth, so sayeth the Star God by the name of Muuri Tao. As my witnesses, the Prophets Vindic'Vahash, Nala'Taima, Ragsh'Sindi, Reprag'Ohla, Vaskah'Vincini, Uvan'Rafai, Ishka'Opah, Remai'Skyva, Tiska'Traum, Jushina'Prova, Evovish'Utal, Quivk'Yuta, Yubar'Intash, Shaka'Varquash all testify with me, and I, for them. We were instructed to compile our writings into a single book and to share it with the rest of the world so that they may enjoy the teachings of the Most High Star Gods so that we may one day join them in the stars above. My teachings are written in the Chapter of Ivara in the book of the stars. And so it has come to pass that I, the Prophet Ivara'Shlak of Itari, have testified in front of fourteen other prophets who bear witness to my testimony, and I to their testimonies, which according to the instructions of the Star God Muuri Tao, have all been written in stone, and it has come to pass that mine own testimony shall be the testimony upon which all Jogorians shall read, and it shalt be knownst amongst all Jogorians that the testimonies of all fifteen prophets are to be expressed in mine own testimony. And so, I, the Prophet Ivara'Shlak of the city Itari, testify before the fourteen prophets chosen by the Star Gods, and I, the Prophet Ivara'Shlak of the cirt Itari, testify before the great Star God, Muuri Tao, that what the Star Gods hath taught us, and what we teach, is the truth, the sole truth, and the only truth. And so, we, the fifteen prophets of the Star Gods, testify before the great Star God, Muuri Tao, that what we are to teach and what we hath written is the truth, the sole truth and the only truth. We sayeth this in the name of the High Star Gods, Amen.

The Chapter of IvaraEdit

  1. And so it began that I, Ivara'Shlak, of the city Itari in the Great Utan Nation, the Holiest of Holy Nations, was visited by a Star God in the valley outside of Itari. 
  2. He revealed himself to me as a young Star God, but one that knoweth of our creation. The creation of our people and the selection of our people to be the couriers of the Star Gods' words. As he began talking to me, it became clear that he had singled me out of the rest of my people to become the First Prophet of the Jogorian people.
  3. He sayeth unto me; You are to be the first of the chosen. The first of the prophets of thy gods. The gods who hath created you, for there are none other gods but us. I am to be thy messanger from the council of those above me who hath chosen you, the first of the chosen fifteen, to be the first prophet of thy gods. Furthermore, thou art to teach thy bretheren of the teachings of the Highest Star Gods.
  4. He continued; And the Highest Star Gods hath instructed me to enlighten you on the end of days of this world and of many worlds elsewhere. For this world is owned by you and your bretheren, and you and your bretheren were created by us. Therefore, it hath fallen upon us as a duty to prepare you and your bretheren for the ends of time of this world.
  5. And so it came to pass that our first meeting would end. The instructions had been given to me, and I was to begin writing this chapter for a book that would be compiled at a latter day in our years.
  6. The Star God returned to me the next night in the same valley. He began to speaketh of a war that would break out between the first two people to travel between the stars that are at much greater distances than the stars around our own world.
  7. He sayeth unto me; The war shall be greater than all previous wars fought by any people currently living from the planets around our home. It shalt be the destroyer of all worlds, including this one. Weapons with power so great that they destroy worlds in seconds shalt be used.
  8. I asketh of the Star God; How might thee knoweth of the end? Have thou seen the end? 
  9. And he replied; No, but the war with an ancient enemy, older than your people. Older than time itself, hath shown his face to us. He had beaten us in a war that took the length of eternity, a war that will resurface again one day and shalt be the destroyer of what is left.
  10. I again asketh of the Star God; How might we prepare for this war? What might we do to survive?
  11. And he again replied; Thou shalt build vessels that shalt carry thy to other stars. When thou hast believeth he is prepared, thou shalt prepare more tenfold, for the war shalt destroy the stars above, and the soil below.
  12. And he sayeth unto me; You are a prophet now. You holdeth the key to your people's survival. Teach thy bretheren of what I teach you. For if thou do not teacheth thy bretheren, thy people shall perish from time and history and shalt not join thy Star Gods.
  13. For I have unveiled to you, the future of all around you. If you do not teacheth thy bretheren of my word, of the Highest Star Gods word, then thou shalt be accursed and thy people shall be accursed. And thy soil shall be accursed, and thy stars shall be accursed. Thy surroundings shall be doomed.
  14. And it came to pass that I taught my bretheren of the word of the Highest Star Gods, and it also came to pass that my obiedence pleased the Star God which hath spoken to me, and he rewarded me with more knowledge.
  15. On the twentieth night of our meetings, the Star God sayeth unto me; It is time for you to become a true prophet of thy Highest Star Gods. I commandeth thee to prophesies The Event. Thou shalt speak to thy bretheren of The Event of which I hath taught you, for thou art a Prophet of thy Star Gods and thou hast the responsibility of such.
  16. So it came to pass that I, Ivara'Shlak of Itari, prophesiesed of the war that shalt destroy the soil beneath mine own feet, and the stars around our people's world. As the Star God hath instructed me to bestow the name of the prophecy as The Event, so be it.
  17. So, it is with this prophecy that I must warn future generations of The Event. Take heed of my warnings, as they were given to me by messanger of the Highest Star Gods. And with this prophecy, I began my teachings to all of the Star Gods' children.
  18. On the twenty-first visit with the Star God, he sayeth unto me; The time hath come for me to leave you. The time hath also cometh for you to set out and continue to teach in the name of thy Star Gods. It is now that the Highest Star Gods commandeth you to go forth and create a church. That church shall be named after thy first born son, for he shalt be birthed from a serrogate mother that shalt be of conception of thy Star Gods' works. 
  19. Do not fear, Prophet, for thine wife shall remain a virgin for thine own sanctity of marriage. The child shalt be birthed from a virgin. Thou shalt nameth thine son Muuri Tao, and he shalt be a Star God and not of your people. He shall appear as one of you, but as he ages, he shalt become one of us.
  20. And so it was that 8 months later, a son of mine own was born to mine own wife, Teria'Shlak. As instructed by the Star God, the name Muuri Tao was given to mine own son. The fourth prophet, Ragsh'Sindi, hath being instructed to write about mine own son, shalt write about him and not I, for I was not instructed by the Star Gods to write about mine own son.
  21. And let it be knownst amongst mine own people that what hath been written shall not be changed in any form or way, as it is in it's purest of forms and hath come straight from the messanger of the Highest Star Gods. And let in be knownst that I, Prophet Ivara'Shlak of Itari, hereby and henceforth setup the Church of Muuri, may it last long after mine own death.
  22. And henceforth, I hath taketh mine own people of those who volunteered out of the city of Itari, and guided by the hand of the Star God and mine own son, Muuri Tao, we set forth to meet with the other prophets to ensure the Church of Muuri does not die. And it came to pass that we waited twenty-five years for all the prophets to gather with us to ensure the Church does not die. And it came to pass that Muuri Tao was to be the king of a new nation of his followers, and the followers of the Star Gods.
  23. And it came to pass that the Star Gods instructed us to build temples in their name, wherest they may place artifacts for safe keeping. These temples are forbidden to enter until the return of the Star Gods, and I sayeth this in the name of the Star Gods. Amen.
  24. It is now after the arrival of the prophets, and a book is to be compiled. The Kingdom of Muuri is to be the greatest nation this world has ever seen. It is to be the great unifier of all our people. Though none of us shall live to see the end, our children shall and it is the duty of us fifteen prophets to teach them what hath happened and what shall happen according to the teachings of mine own son, Muuri Tao, and the teachings of the Highest Star Gods. And so ends my part in this book, but not my part in mine own son's church.
  25. So it has cometh to pass that mine own chapter in the great book of the stars hath ended. I shalt leave all future children of mine and mine bretheren with a prayer to the Highest Star Gods.
  26. O lords, we thank thee for giving us life, and for giving us a fruitful world upon which we walk. We thank thee for giving us the truth and for preparing us for the end. We thank thee for our bretheren of who walk among us and for our sons and daughters of who walk among us. We thank thee for the truth in the Church of Muuri and for giving us a messenger to walk among us as a living god. In the name of Muuri Tao, Amen.

The Chapter of VindicEdit

  1. I, the Prophet Vindic'Vahash, was visited by a Star God in the Holy year of 21,078 MYC. Now, I begin to write this chapter in the year 21,080 MYC as instructed by the Star God messenger who was sent by the Highest Star Gods.
  2. The Star God who hath instructed me to begin my writing of this chapter of a Holy Book, also taught me of the history of how my people began.
  3. The Star God spake unto me these words; Vindic'Vahash of Jotorap, it is you who hath been selected to be the second of the fifteen prophets of who your Highest Star Gods have chosen.
  4. You shall be the one to write of the beginning of your people. And I shall be the one to tell you the story of the beginning of your people. You shall also bear the weight of writing the commandments of thy Star Gods. The Highest Star Gods of your people.
  5. And he sayeth unto me the commandments that the Highest Star Gods hath given our people.
  6. The First Commandment; Thou shall not steal. The Second Commandment; Thou shall not kill thy bretheren. The Third Commandment; Thou shall not lie or bear false witness. The Fourth Commandment; Thou shall not mate outside wedlock. The Fifth and Final Commandment; Thou shall not worship any gods over the Star Gods.
  7. And so it was that the Star God messenger hath laid down the law of the Star Gods, and I was to teach it to my bretheren.
  8. The Star God messenger then went on to tell the story of how our people were created.
  9. He sayeth unto me; Many thousands of generations ago, our ancestors needed to escape the world and many stars around it. We needed also a way to keepeth a foothold so that we may return one day. So, we created your people to inhabit this world and to bear its fruitfulness.
  10. And so it came to pass that the Star God messenger continued to give me minor details upon which he hath instructed me not to write down to save time so that he may continue to giveth me instructions.
  11. Our people were created by the Star Gods to serve them, but also to serve ourselves. It is now that I, the Second Prophet to the Star Gods by the name of Vindic'Vahash, prophesies that the Jogorian people shall be only second to the Star Gods in greatness. I say this in the name of thy Highest Star Gods, Amen.
  12. And so it has come to pass that the Star God messenger hath instructed me to move north to see a Highest Star God who hath been given to our people as a leader and a teacher. His name hath been given to me, and I repeat directly what the Star God hath said; The new leader of a new church hath been born to the north. Travel to him, and you shalt be a leader of that church. The church of which is the truth.
  13. And so, I traveled north accordingly. After 3 months of traveling, I finally found the camp of the prophets and of the Highest Star God. 
  14. I asketh of him; Art thou the Highest Star God that walketh of this world? The leader of the new church?
  15. And he respondeth; Yes, and you must be the Prophet Vindic'Vahash. I wish for you to compile your writings for a book that shall guide this church for thousands of generations to come.
  16. I answered; Yes your highness. Of course I can do that. With whom shalt I compile the book with? 
  17. And he sayeth back to me; There art to be fourteen other prophets from yourself who shalt compile their writings with you. My worldly father, the First Prophet Ivara'Shlak, is one of them.
  18. And so, it came to pass that the Church of Muuri was founded in the name of the Highest Star Gods, with the fifteen prophets building the foundation, and with the Highest Star God, Muuri Tao, to lead the church to his end days, this church shalt not fail. And I say this in the name of the Highest Star God, Muuri, Amen.

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