The Rising Sun Rebellion
Part of The Founding of The People's Socialist Union of Maros and Imoitos
Date 4.000(.024) AM
Location The Principality of Imoitos
Result Crushing Communist victory
Change in Imoitan government
Founding of The People's Socialist Union of Maros and Imoitos
Casus belli Communist Uprising
Rising Sun Movement gain of Imoitos
Imoitan Capitalists Imoitan Communists
Maratoi Kuroi Urusoiokonos Kai (Executed) Maratoi Katai Morosonoiko Ran
150,000 Capitalist soldiers 350,000 Communist soldiers
450,000 Communist recruits
All forces killed, executed, or taken prisoner
500,000 capitalists executed or imprisoned
40,000 Communist soldiers
75,000 Communist recruits
Nearly the entire capitalist-supporting population was executed or taken prisoner when not willing to succumb to the new communist government.

The Rising Sun Rebellion was a massive uprising which took place throughout the Principality of Imoitos.


The RebellionEdit


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