The Forge is an artificial planet in the Machinus Universe. It is notable for its inhabitants, called Mechs, and its

The Forge


Metal Plating


50,0000 sq km



Surface Temp

~0 K



ability to create or terraform planets. Some people think that the Forge was not built by the Mechs, but no proof has yet arisen to disprove or prove such theory.


The Forge is essentially an artificial planet. Running down its equators is a gigantic engine complex, which
Forge Map
spans out at the poles. Part of the planet has retracting plates that reveal cannons capable of converting molecules. This cannon has the power to make a planet uninhabitable or even destroy it. It also has the power to create life.


The Forge probably started out as a Mech construct for life creation. The Mechs, at some point, may have turned against life, destroying planets and turning the Forge into a weapon. It bears scars of war, but they seem to heal. The means of construction is not known, other than the possibility of it starting as a space station and expanding.


It was first thought that the planet is devoid of life. However, it has been confirmed that the Mechs inhabit the planet still, but they seem to be inactive. The station has been shut off for a very long length of time. No other inhabitants live on the planet.

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