The Entopian Guard is the official military force of the Jaxaar Alliance on the Entopiu-owned planet known as Entopia. (The Jaxaar Alliance is the government of the Entopiu.) It is commanded by the two Ultimate Supreme Leaders of the Jaxaar Alliance, which makes the Jaxaar Alliance a military-lead government. The current Ultimate Supreme Leaders of the Jaxaar Alliance are Axarian and his mate Sine. There are 51 planets owned by Entopiu, and each planet as a Guard Militia.

The Entopian Guard is made up of six different alliances, known as the Cyan, Lime, Violet, Platinum, Orchid, and Tawny alliances. Each alliance is made up of groups called factions, and the number of factions differs between alliances. Most factions have about 8 to 32 Entopiu in them, but some can have more than 32 or less than 8.

While the Entopian Guard is a military force, it is also a "friendship organization", where Entopiu can meet and become friends. These factions often meet and compete in the Entar games, where 4 factions are randomly chosen from each alliance to compete in a game similar to Capture the Flag. The Entar Games usually happen twice a year.

Not all Entopiu are in the Entopian Guard, but those who are get double their pay at their job. Or, If they don't have a job, they get 200 snofu an hour.

About once every month, one faction from each alliance (known as R factions) travel to Solar City (the capital city of Entopia) or if on another planet, another capital city, to recieve and share information and news with the Supreme Organizer.

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