The Defense of Timara was a costly Coalition victory that repulsed the initial Hydran invasion of Timara. It resulted in nearly 18 billion total lives lost.

The Defense of Timara
Part of The Doomsday War
Date 4.000(.023)
Location Timarian Homeworld of Timara
Result Coalition minor victory
Emergency Viperius Coalition Hydrans
Coalition High General Viktor Impunia
Coalition High Admiral Transcor revor'Akam
Hydran Collective Mind
15 billion troops
35,000 ships
Invasion force of 560 million
Up to 6 billion Hydran mutations
4,500 Destroyers
500 Dreadnaughts
12 billion troops
27,500 ships
All forces
Nearly 6 billion civilian Timarians out of the 15 billion living on planet were killed in this invasion

Hydran Fleet Arrives Edit

As battle after battle was lost, and billions of Coalition lives were spent in an attempt to slow the Hydrans down, it soon became clear to most within High Command that Timara itself would soon come under attack. That day happened only 4 months into the Coalition's creation.

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