The Dastot is an immense construct, built by the Lanrao. It was recently been captured by the Assembly, and retaken by its previous owners.


The Dastot is quite large, a ringworld approximately 3.4 AU in radius, orbiting a red dwarf star. It carries this through manipulation of dark matter, also allowing limited manipulation of large objects, e.g. crashing asteroids into planets, and moving small stars through each others' orbital planes, severely disrupting planetary orbits. It can also force objects into uberspace, and shred stars through forcing it to accelerate to forces it cannot handle.

Perpendicular to the circle are eight 1.3 AU-long arms, extending .3 AU towards the star, and 1 AU away from it. Inside of these are massive repulsor ring-aided coilguns. See Weaponry.


Their main weaponry are massive repulsor-aided coilguns, firing approximately a quintillion tons (around a thousandth of earth's mass) of material to around .9c, delivering nearly 1.2*10^38 joules of kinetic energy, or 27.8 million yottatons (10^24 tons) of TNT equivalent. This is sufficient to completely destroy small planets and rip off the atmospheres of gas giants.

Lining these arms are large mass drivers, accelerating 5 thousand-ton projectiles to.7c, delivering nearly 43 teratons of force, firing up to two per second. However, these are massive, and are only able to be supported by a series of particle accelerators and antimatter reactors to power them, and destroying planets for ammunition. The Dastot has destroyed several solar systems, leaving only a star with no planets.

Several near-50 PeV particle beams are also on the arms, taking immense particle accelerators to fire. It is not known how the Dastot manages to make such immensely energized particles, but they are still manageable.

Other armnament includes large 500 TW lasers and masers, as well as bomb-pumped gasers and xasers to irridate ships.

There are antimatter bombs inside of the arms, used for area denial. Each carries around a ton of antimatter, anhillated at 70% efficiency, delivering more than 15 teratons of force. These are supplied with extremely long particle accelerators- lining an entire arm of the Dastot.

They have normal multi-gigaton mass drivers, quadrillions of them, single TW lasers and masers, large railcannons, rapid-fire railguns which fire small projectiles at up to 1000 per second, and huge antimatter-filled lasers.

They get energy mainly from antimatter reactors, in turn powered by particle accelerators. However, there appear to be technology indicating that some rooms had micro-singularities, indicating that they could hold far more power.

The ship itself is made of extremely dense nanodiamond, put into hundreds of spaced layers. In between these are repulsor sheets, as well as immensely powerful repulsor fields around the ship. Cold plasma and ion fields also protect the ship.


The Dastot is estimated to be around 14 million years old, built during the Lanrao-Arawn War.

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