The Battle of Utopia
Part of The Doomsday War
Date 4.000.024 AM (150,039 MYC)
Location On and in orbit of Utopia
Result Total Hydran victory
Loss of the Haven planet, Utopia and the Utopian system
Hydran Virus
Command General Yuvak'Ishtam
Commandant Turak'Tuesh
High Fleet Admiral Klav'Opevsh
Hydran Collective Mind
89 million Jogorian soldiers
236 million Jogorian Marines
1.8 million Jogorian warships
28 Jogorian Titans
Estimated 18 billion Hydran mutations
560,000 Destroyers
170,000 Dreadnaughts
13 Deathships
58 million soldiers
153 million Marines
1.2 million warships
Estimated 12 billion mutations
430,000 Destroyers
165,000 Dreadnaughts
4 Deathships
Planet of Utopia falls along with nearly 45 billion refugees on the Haven world
As the Hydran virus advanced upon the galaxy, Federal high command knew it was only a matter of time before the supposedly "safe" Haven worlds would come into the crosshairs. That day happened when the planet of Utopia, with an overcrowded population of 47 billion of war refugees, was attacked.

The only force on the planet at the time was 468th Marine Amry, which was in charge of distributing food amongst the refugees. It consisted of only 12 million marines after being nearly eradicated at the Invasion of Exxlopa.

When the Hydrans arrived, the small fleet in orbit was overrun entirely within minutes. However, before the fleet was destroyed, an emergency signal was sent out to HICOMM for immediate assistance. High Fleet Admiral Klav'Opevsh personally oversaw the deployment of Federal forces to the Utopian system.

Reinforcements ArriveEdit

Two days after the emergency signal was sent out, the 81st and 105th Marine Armies arrived along with the 506th, 72nd and 98th Federal Navy fleets. The fleets managed to punch a hole straight through the Hydran blockade and land nearly 230 million Marines on the planet to assist the battered defenders in whatever way possible.

Shortly there after, the 63rd Federal Army arrived to bolster the defenses of the planet even more. As these huge amounts of reinforcements began arriving, victory seemed inevitable. Refugees on the planet began celebrating as entire cities were liberated.

This celebration would be very short lived as six Deathships arrived in the system without warning, almost entirely destroying the Federal fleet. If it hadn't been for the Titan, the UFNSS Zinigard, arriving in the system, the entire fleet would have been wiped out. 

Full RetreatEdit

As the fleet began to retreat to the other planets in the system, more and more Hydrans landed on the planet, recapturing the liberated cities, killing or mutating even more civilians. Within weeks, nearly half of the defending forces had been killed.

The order to retreat was given and evacuation plans were set into motion. About one billion refugees were evacuated as well as what was left of the defending force. This was one of the worst defeats to date in The Doomsday War for the Jogorians.

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