The Battle of Bla'a
Part of The Doomsday War
Date 4.000(.024) AM
Location Planet of Bla'a and surrounding space
Result Overwhelming Hydran victory
Casus belli Hydran invasion
Loss of the Bla System as crippling of EVC defense line in sector
EVC Armed Forces Hydran Virus
General Eden Vincent Hydran Collective Mind
346 million troops
2,600 ships
8 billion Hydran mutations
400 Destroyers
30 Dreadnaughts
327 million troops
2,467 ships
Unknown mutations, estimated to be more than 450 million
65 Destroyers
1 Dreadnaught
14 billion civilians were killed or mutated in this battle
The battle of Bla'a was fought between the Emergency Viperius Coalition and the Hydrans. It was an overwhelming Hydran victory and is known as one of the largest defeats in Coalition history.

Hydran Fleet ArrivesEdit

After the fall of the majority of the Prothian Empire in late (.023), the EVC set up a defense perimeter on the outskirts of Timarian space. Bla'a was selected to be the HQ of this defense line due to it's already bristling planetary defenses. Half of the planet's population was moved out of the system to make room for the military equipment that was landing.

Three months after the defense line had been set up, small colonial outposts went dark just 68 lightyears from the main EVC force. Within weeks, the entire perimeter was on fire. Nearly every single planet was hit simutaneously by the viral outbreak. Bla'a was spared for the first few weeks, but then a scouting force of Hydran ships arrived. Even thought the EVC's fleet outnumbered the Hydran's 5:1, they were still completely destroyed with only a few ships managing to escape to the fall back point. Leaving billions of civilians and hundreds of millions of troops behind to fend for themselves.

The First Destroyer LandsEdit

Even as the planetary defenses pounded away at the incoming Hydran destroyers, 46 got through and managed to make landfall. 45 minutes later, the massive defense cannons went dark allowing the remaining destroyers to land as well as a couple dreadnaughts. As the ships landed and transformed into the battlewalkers that everyone feared, many defenders fleed leaving the remaining forces in serious trouble. Within 7 hours of the invasion, the virus was released on planet, turning huge portions of the population into Hybrids or other mutatants.

EVC tanks stood no chance at taking down Hydran walkers, and massive casualties were sustained as defense was attempted. It didn't take long, however, before EVC commanders figured out that only hit-and-run tactics with combined air and ground forces would have a chance at taking out a Destroyer or Dreadnaught walker.

The Fall of the ResistanceEdit

Even after the fall of all major communications on the planet, the remaining EVC forces and civilian population continued to fight on for nearly 9 more months before succumbing to the virus as it spread. However, in that time, they managed to severely cripple Hydran manpower. It is still speculated that because of the resistance forces, the Hydrans lost more than they gained from the Bla'a invasion.

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