A rare, white giant Thaoen which feeds on decomposer Yaoin

Thaoaen are partial bactiophage animals that feed on both nutrients in the waters of Daomhaen, and oddly, Yaoin.


Thaoaen are large creatures, up to 20 meters long, which are shaped somewhat like a Leedsichthys, but without pectoral fins.

Like most creatures of Daomhaen, Thaoaen have four eyes on the upper portion of their skulls. These have little use, as they just wander the waters of Daomhaen, but aid them in finding danger or spotting large clusters of Yaoin. Their mouth is cavernous, and is built to take in large amounts of water and filter it for Yaoin.

Because Yaoin are so small, the Thaoean have to also ingest minerals and nutrients from the water, making it partially lithotrophic. However, when it does encounter Yaoin, its stomach attempts to get maximum nutrition. However, since its prey is small, its stomach is rather small as well.

Thaoaen weigh only 7 tons, due to its lack of hard bones. Replacing these is a skeleton of cartilage, which follows the same basic shape as a normal endoskeleton.


Thaoaen live in small groups of 4-10, which feed, breed, and do other daily functions together. They mate every Laoine year, and usually lay eggs in singles or twins, which are carried in sacks on their bellies. They are not intelligent whatsoever, and have simple brains meant just for instructing basic functions.

Because Thaoaen are so rare, it is not common to have footage of them, due to the immensity of the waters of Daomhaen. This causes trouble researching them.

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