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Thalassodrakes are a clade of gilled reptile-like marine predators native to the oceans of Carnia. Seven different species exist today, all of which are open ocean or deep sea predators.


Although all species vary in appearance to a certain extent, the thalassodrakes all have the following features:

  • A shark-like tail fin.
  • Serrated teeth.
  • A tall sail/fin supported by spines.
  • Four flipper-like pectoral fins.
  • A varanid-like skull.
  • A small, sharp horn at the end of the snout, as well as anywhere between two and four horns at the back of the head.


  • Abyssal serpent: The largest thalassodrake, reaching lengths of up to forty feet long and weighing six tons, the abyssal serpent is a pelagic species found in temperate waters. It is capable of diving into the abyss to look for prey, which is made up of large marine vertebrates. They are dark blue in color, and quite rare, despite their population being relatively stable. They have two horns at the back of their head.
  • Delphin: The smallest thalassodrake, at eleven feet long, these thalassodrakes feed on schools of small marine vertebrates, taking a similar niche to certain sharks and dolphins on Earth. They are blue in color with a white underside, and have four horns at the back of their head.

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