The Tetras Sea is the name given to the ocean that covers half of the planet Dragovia. It was named by the Scarabians.

Geographical FeaturesEdit

The Tetras Sea is only the sea the covers half of Dragovia. The sea that separates the three continents is .

The main geographical feature of the Tetras Sea is Titan Crater, the crater made by the asteroid impact that made the three continents on modern-day Dragovia.


Tetras Sea was once the only sea on Dragovia, but after the asteroid split the supercontinent into three, the sea seperating them was classed as a different sea.

Tetras Sea was named by the Scarabians when the first arrived. It was named Tetras because upon entering the planet's atmosphere, the Scarabians thought they saw Tetra Fish in the water. They turned out to be underwater dragons, but the misleading name was kept.



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