Terp Yekig was a Zyrothan bartender on the planet Skrap. He was killed by a sklasher whilst drunkenly dancing in a shallow pond.


Terp was a fairly standard Zyrothan, though somewhat short and in poor health due to the various drugs he had taken throughout his life.


The owner of a popular tavern, Terp had a rather high income for a Skrap inhabitant. However, he remained poor because of his insisting on spending large amounts of credits on drugs, prostitutes, and far-fetched schemes for planetary domination.


Terp was not a particularly intelligent individual, which he demonstrated on many occasions. He was lazy and a coward, and altogether failed to do anything productive. His assistants, two Skarg named Wug and Rel, were responsible for most of the tavern's success.


Terp was born on Yeseg, but was forced to flee the planet due to a shady incident involving a cargoship and a pack of stolen Geckasaurs. He came to Skrap, where he founded his tavern.


Terp Yekig was created by Pinguinus, who has granted permission for absolutely anyone to use him in fiction, on the condition that they kill him by the end of the story.

In fictionEdit

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