Templum archipelago

The archipelago

Templum map

Map of the archipelago

The Templum Archipelago is a group of volcanic islands located on Kaventro, off the tropical coast of the continent Nikreli.


The archipelago is located off the northeast side of Nikreli, and consists of eleven seperate islands.


The different islands are listed here in order of descending size:

  • Emilia Island - The largest island (1,957 sq. mi), this is where the Salsenes and Atrenids first landed. The highest point in the archipelago also occurs here.
  • Darcheus Island - Another large island, it is more elongated than most of the islands. Particularly large numbers of Lava Snakes rest on its beaches.
  • Shnellus Island - The most notable feature, aside from its lush vegetation, is the concentration of underground lava tunnels formed at the island's creation.
  • Iken Island - The geologically youngest island, there are many stretches of lava rocks along the coasts.
  • Von Island - This is where poaching most frequently occured in the past. The activity has since been completely eradicated from this island.
  • Tromare Island - This island has an exaggerated horseshoe shape, and the bay it forms is home to many endemic species.
  • Flinsbarhae Island - Because it is older and more isolated than the other islands, there are several types of animal completely absent from other islands.
  • Aplun Island - This is the northernmost island in the archipelago.
  • Param Island - Located off of Shnellus Island, it is located in the middle of the other islands, and so species from around the archipelago interact.
  • Bantus Island - This is the westernmost island in the archipelago.
  • Wen Island - The smallest island, it is located off of Darcheus Island.


The archipelago is filled with different habitats, like forests, deserts, plains, and jungles.

Flora and FaunaEdit

Several types of endemic animals exist here.

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