The Tela Expedition was a mission to the Northern Reaches of Wazel. It took place in the year 4000(.004) AM.


At the time, Imperial Lepta was at war with the two other Wazelian empires. Recently, the High Order of Nivalis had revealed an army of Nightshriekers, using them in battle to devastating effect. Emperor Ermenius, concerned that "his own carcass would be stripped clean by those wretched bats", dispatched a nobleman by the name of Tela to the Northern Reaches to locate a suitable warbeast.

Tela, an amateur naturalist, identified over a hundred new species, including the Stoneclodder, an animal perfectly capable of slaying hundreds of Nightshriekers.

Sadly, Tela himself did not return home, slain by Yekri but a few dozen miles from the north pole.

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