Tegenstrijdig,the homeworld of the Krijgvolk

Tegenstrijdig, often refered to as Tegen, is the second, and most habitable planet in the Waark System. It is at planetary class TFI.

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

A habitable planet, Tegen has a large amount of water, and a still-warm core.


Tegen is the only planet in the Waark System that has been fully measured. Its diameter is 5400 km, and its density is 6.1g/cm^3, giving it a gravity of around .9575 g.


The second planet in the Waark System, Tegen is around 77 million kilometers from Waark, in the habitable zone. It comes after Heetmaken and before Koudaardrijk.


Tegenstrijdig has plenty of iron, and also has silicate rocks. However, life here is carbon based. Heavier metals are rarer here than on earth, and most alloys are mainly made of steel.


The atmosphere of Tegenstrijdig has 71% nitrogen, 16% oxygen, 4% carbon dioxide, 2% argon, and 7% other gases. It has many weather patterns, including several kinds of precipitation, such as large drops of water and small crystals of ice.


Tegenstrijdig has one moon, about 1/5 of its mass. It is called the Maan. and helps Tegen keep a stable axis of 23 degrees.

Tegen map

A rough, computer-generated map of Tegenstrijdig


A habitable world, Tegen has many oceans and other geographic features.


The majority of Tegen is covered with oceans. There are only 3 oceans, the Grootzee, the Massakoel, and the Geldmer. These are inhabited by a large amout of diverse creatures, such as the Diphelios.


Wijdkuis and Slijmbos are the two largest continents, Wijdkuis dominating the northern hemisphere, and Slijmbos the southern one. Notable geographical locations on Wijdkuis inclued the Geld Desert and the Rijzig Mountains. Slijmbos mainly is covered by the Vers forest.


Tegenstrijdig has a wide varietiy of animals.

Land animalsEdit

To be continued

Sea animalsEdit

To be continued

Sapient BeingsEdit

Krijgvolk make their home on Tegenstrijdig, which is where they evolved. They are sapient and have developed spaceships to travel to other planets and nearby stars.

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