A representation of Technox

Technox is an enormous, planet-like machine in the Machinus galaxy. It was created by a now-extinct race.


Technox is composed entirely of machinery. The outside is covered in a titanium crust, now cracked in multiple locations due to asteroid collisions. The inside of the planetoid is a labyrinth of tunnels and catacombs. At its centre, the core is composed of compressed iron which exerts strong gravity.

Near the north pole, there is located a giant red 'eye'. This enables the planet to navigate its way throughout the universe.


Nanobots on the planetoid's surface continuously produce carbon dioxide. Another group of nanobots turn the carbon dioxide into oxygen, in a system somewhat similiar to the oxygen cycle on Terra.


Technox is piloted by a super-computer, which has displayed sapience. It sometimes helps travellers on the surface.


  • Synth are present on Technox' surface, and act as its stewards. They seek to capture any intruders and to repair Technox if it becomes damaged.


Technox was created billions of years ago, before The Merge. It was created by a highly advanced species, now extinct.

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