Tandrigith as seen from space.








Tandrigith is a good example of what one might call a "green world". The atmosphere on Tandrigith is incredibly dense, thus, the light of the star in it's system barely escapes Tandrigith's atmosphere.


Tandrigith has an incredibly harsh climate, and the oxygen on the plant is next to nil. Therefore the animals and creatures that develop in the planet breathe carbon dioxide. The animals on Tandrigith also have a high immunity to heat, since it is always hot. The average climate of the planet does not usually fall below 100 degrees celsius. There is water on Tandrigith, but it is mostly polluted and acidic. Only the largest and hardiest creatures on Tandrigith live in the oceans. There is an underground cave region which is surprisingly cooler than the surface. Many creatures can be found in the cave areas. Remnants of a lost civilization scatter the Windbreak Peninsula area of Tandrigith as this was the most habitable area.

Animal life of TandrigithEdit

The Animals on Tandrigith typically are either very big or very small. The majority of creatures live underground and have adapted that way, with either feelers or sonar to catch their prey. Most creatures are carnivores, or at least omnivores.

Areas of TandrigithEdit

  • Acidic Ocean--The only ocean on Tandrigith.
  • Windbreak Mountain--Remnants of an ancient civilization lie here.
  • Takgra--The hottest of the four continents.
  • Rokronne--The underground continent.
  • Tandri Highland--Most plant life, most rain.
  • Tandri Lowland--Swamps, barely inhabitable.

Exploration by SalsenesEdit

The Salsene Grand Fleet authorized the colonization of Tandrigith. As they breathed oxygen, they had to build a bio-dome on the Windbreak Peninsula. Special rovers were sent outside the dome to explore the planet's life. They ended up finding the ruins of the Freyan civilization.

In FictionEdit