Taide are sapient beings native to the rogue planet Quothei, in the Cloud of Tatra. They are currently attempting to invent a FTL

A Taide

drive, so as to avoid extinction.


Taide resemble seven-limbed starfish, with a maximum armspan of two meters. Despite their appearance, they are vertebrates. At the end of each arm is a mass of manipulatory tentacles, capable of a great precision. From the center of the body extend four flexible eyestalks. Food is ingested through a mouth on the bottom, and the entity respires through narrow slits on its arms. Taide are omnivorous.


Taide evolved as desert dwellers, that dug burrows to escape the heat of their star. At this time, they were eusocial organisms, with only one breeding female per group. Once the species evolved sapience, this system was rejected by most factions, being considered barbaric. Most females began to take hormone supplements, that allowed them to reproduce.


The Taide have achieved sapience, and once possessed a free and equal society. However, when Quothei became a rogue planet, a number of military dictators emerged, forcing the populace into specially constructed domes which maintain constant environment. Nowadays, conflict between these dictators is perhaps the greatest obstacle to their gaining FTL technology.

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