Taberu is the largest terrestrial moon of Birunali, at a mass of 1.2 times earth. It is heavily pockmarked with craters, as it has no atmosphere.


Taberu is an average Parian cosmological object, being mainly silicate. However, it has a high amount of iron oxide, giving its surface a red, dusty appearance.


A large moon, Taberu has a diameter of 1.03 earths. Because of its higher density, it has a mass of 1.2 earths. It has a large core, implying that it used to be much larger than its current state, which explains why there still is debris around it in a ring.


Taberu, being rather heavy, is mainly carbonate rock, based on zinc and magnesium. It has a large core of titanium and iron, and titanium, vanadium, and other heavier and rarer metals are more common. It also has a small mantle of some of the heaviest carbonates.


Taberu takes 32 days to orbit Birunali, and is tidally locked.

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