Asteroid thingy

Today's shape of TK-42. Smoother shape is result of chemical ice melt cycle.

TK-42 is the third moon of Kkaggrak. It is another asteroid moon on the outside of the TK rings.


A more unique moon of Kkaggrak, TK-42 is made almost entirely of chemical ices.


TK-42 has a diameter of 0.09 times earth, and a mass of 0.00073 times earth, and cannot form itself into a sphere. It does not have a sufficient size or surface type for colonization, therefore no Gorkhan activity has been seen on its surface.


Mainly chemical ices, TK-42 is made mainly of solid common gases. It has almost no metals or silicate rocks in it as well, making it quite a unique planet.


TK-42 is the 42nd large classified object in the TK rings of Kkagrak. This is in the Khargg system, of the Ngrakk Nebula, which is in turn is in the Polemos Galaxy.

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