An image of TK-13, with Khargg in back

TK-13 is the second moon of Kkaggrak. It is a large asteroid moon, without enough gravity to maintain a spherical shape.


A basic moon of the TK ring, TK-13 is made of chemical ices and silicate rocks.


The average radius of TK-13 is 0.15 times the earth, and its mass is 0.003 times it. It has a heavily cratered surface, and has a slightly porous crust. As it is an asteroid, it has no core or mantle. It cannot maintain a spherical shape.


TK-13 is made of silicate rocks and chemical ices. It also has a high concentration of titanium veins close to its center. Traces of zinc and copper are also seen in its inner crust.


TK-13 is found in the outer central region of the TK rings of Kkaggrak, in the Khargg system, which is in the Ngrakk Nebula of the Polemos Galaxy. Its region gives it a few satellites, but most are too miscule to be noticed.

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